The Real Property Advantage

Most investment counseling firms limit their portfolios to stocks and bonds. However, Harold Davidson & Associates, Inc. adds tremendous value to our client portfolios by also investing in real estate.

Real estate investments typically provide our clients portfolio diversification, tax benefits for interest deduction and depreciation, a steady income stream, and appreciation potential. Our team has long been recognized as experts in real estate research and investment and brings many years of invaluable experience and insight to each of our real estate investments. Through thoughtful analysis and exhaustive due diligence, we give our clients access to a universe of real estate investments rarely explored by traditional investment counseling firms.

Our real estate portfolio includes a diversified mix of apartments and commercial properties nationwide. Certain investments dictate that we become actively involved in the operations and management of the property, and other properties are managed by third parties. Our real estate expertise includes acquisitions, underwriting, due diligence, financing, management, and dispositions.

While not appropriate for every investor, real property can add prudent portfolio diversification, steady income, significant tax advantages, and capital appreciation potential to a portfolio. Because of the illiquid and cyclical nature of real estate, we recommend clients limit real estate investments to an appropriate percentage of an overall portfolio.