The “Tailored” Portfolio

It’s likely that your financial statement is as individual as your fingerprints. But as times change, so do your needs.

Your assets may have recently grown too large for you to comfortably manage on your own. Perhaps your wage earning years are behind you and you need help in maintaining your investments and managing your retirement income. Or you might need estate planning advice that will allow you to pass your wealth on to the next generation.

That’s where the highly personalized service of Harold Davidson & Associates becomes invaluable. We pride ourselves on taking the time to know the individual or family behind the portfolio. Each of our managed accounts is individually tailored to the client’s needs. As a company, we’re small enough to take the time to understand your financial objectives and lifestyle choices. Your plan is designed specifically to help you reach those goals.

Your investment profile and the realities of the marketplace determine your portfolio mix: our highly experienced team determines how much to keep in stocks, how much in bonds, how much in cash equivalents and finally, how much in real property. Naturally, your tolerance for risk, your long-term objectives, and your need for investment income now and in the the future are factored into the mix. In addition, tax considerations are integrated into the process where appropriate.

The line of communication between you and your portfolio manager is direct and always open: of course, as your life changes, your portfolio can and should change with it. Where appropriate, we will rebalance your account to fulfill new or unanticipated needs. The success of our firm, is measured by the performance of our investments. Our growth in recent years is testimony to our performance and ability to earn both the trust and confidence of our clients.